Experience the power of scent and emotion

The Scentient Collection

A sensory reflection of life's defining experiences through the art of perfumery. We invite you to journey through our six unique fragrances that capture some of life’s most defining moments. Immerse yourself in pivotal moments of love, courage, happiness, self-trust, renewal, and freedom.

Woody • Spicy • Earthy

Forever Nomad

Where the sun beats down on the desert dunes, a trail of footprints draws you to an endless yet compelling horizon. You free yourself from the shackles of familiarity and follow the path to the unknown. This scent captures the free spirit of a nomad, unafraid to break free from convention.


Gourmand • Amber • Sweet

Dancing in the Fog

The fog rolls in, the fog rolls out. Throughout, we dance between clarity and question looking for what’s ahead in our journey through life. This scent is a reminder to trust your vision, follow your path, and find the way to the home that’s yours.


Amber • Woody • Floral

Midnight Embers

The dwindling hue and warmth of the dying embers are reawakened each day by the forces of new enduring energy. This scent is the model of resilience upon which we heal our wounds, and start each day renewed from a position of strength and positivity.


Fruity • Floral • Musk

Love Supernova

Transport yourself to that moment of love, so powerful and luminous that it can't be contained. This scent captures that love, the kind that strikes your soul, the kind that binds you with another. Embrace this feeling and keep with you always.


Fresh • Floral • Gourmand

Ombre Paradise

The warm glowing sun, a gentle comforting breeze and the sound of silence provide an environment of comfort from which to open your mind and explore your paradise. Close your eyes and allow this scent to transport you to your happy place wherever that may be. Stay there.


Citrus • Woody • Aromatic

Gentle Warrior

The towering forest canopy and rushing mountain stream stand as warriors, representing the inner strength and confidence within us. This empowering scent inspires us to look inside ourselves and find the cloak of strength to help us conquer the challenges that cross our path.




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Mindfully Crafted

Our fragrances are crafted using only the finest materials, carefully blended to create meaningful aromas. All of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated without harmful chemicals like parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.