Love Supernova Diffuser

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Let this scent fill your heart and soul with boundless love. This delicate composition blends sweet lychee and blackcurrant notes, with rich and distinctive rose, violet, and jasmine. Built around a base of white musks and amber wood, the overall effect is of understated elegance – simple and pure, while lasting and powerful.

OLFACTIVE STYLE Fruity, Floral, Musk

KEY NOTES Lychee, Blackcurrant, Rose, Violet, Jasmine, White Musk, Amberwood

11oz (312g) | 70hr Burn Time

Hand crafted in our San Francisco studio using signature scents formulated in-house, free of formaldehydes, parabens, and phthalates. Housed in a heavy base glass vessel and packaged in a recyclable craft box. Includes six 4mm thick reeds for optimal diffusion.

8oz (237ml) | 4-5 month lifespan | 2.6in wide | 5.25in tall without reeds | 10.25in tall with reeds


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Love Supernova

Transport yourself to that moment of love, so powerful and luminous that it can't be contained. This scent captures that love, the kind that strikes your soul, the kind that binds you with another. Embrace this feeling and keep with you always.


TOP Lychee, Blackcurrant, Bergamot

MID Rose, Violet, Jasmine

BASE White Musk, Amberwood

Mindfully Formulated

We care about your wellbeing. Our perfumes are formulated using only the the finest ingredients, free of parabens, phthalates and sulfates. Vegan and cruelty free.

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